19 August, 2008

3/76 time? Is that a technical musician's term?

Why does Blogger always insist on making my nicely clean and crisply edited photos look lame and sub-par? It's so rude.

Isn't that an amusing photo? Walking back to my car I noticed that on campus the other day. Too much.

Just a note: Kimmi and my song, "Falling For a Time Lord" is totally off tempo, we're going to re-record soon. <3

I had many clever and witty things to say and now I'm just run down. Blogger decided to delete this huge chunk of my writing and I also received a really random IM from someone I hadn't spoken to in ages just a few minutes before sitting down to finish this blog and it put me in a sore mood because talking to people who are negative all the time does that to me.

How do people who always go around with a perpetual rain cloud over their head seeing the world through sunglasses stay alive? It seems such an aggravating existence. I could not even imagine. Like I said, I'm tired now so you will all have to deal with excerpts from my brain and the day.

Here is a little something I typed up while testing myself to see if I could still type as fast on a split-down-the-middle keyboard as on my Mac. I was pleasantly surprised; I can.

Jazz is quite nice but typing on this keyboard is not. I really dislike keyboards like this one, gotta refresh my muscles with what it is like to use one. Oh, well, they seem to be doing relatively well! That's wonderful.

It's 40 past noon now, I'm here 'til 2. YIKES! The phone just rang. You'd think I had just seen a meteor with the rate at which my heart skyrocketed! Wow. False alarm, though. It was Jenapher's line, not listener support.

Whew. This is quite exiting. I think I'm going to try and write myself an email with all of this in it at the end of the day so I (and you) can see all the mental things I've thought/said through the first crazy day. Cell phones are supposed to be off during on-hours-oops, mine's not.

Today (according to Jen) is a slow day and while she's away at lunch.

Directly after that the telephone rang! What an adventure today was. We gave away tickets. Yes. I have become that person that you get when you call into a station and ask if you won the tickets you just scrambled to dial for.

It's also nice to know I still have my PC dealing skills on ready demand, seeing as the whole radio office runs off PCs. Odd to be back in that interface though, I must admit.

School starts soon.
Note to self: find out the books you'll need!

I'm back on a high of these artists: Sondre Lerche, Eisley, Owl City, Greg Holden, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Sandrine.

Also check this out: http://www.musicovery.com/
Cade showed me that the other day, it's supercool.

Bah, now I'm talking just to talk. I feel lame. I want a thunder and lightning storm.

Work tomorrow.

Happy birthday, Davey.

xx mal

1 comment:

Carl Weathers' Illegitimate Son said...

Hey. People can be really lame. You're amazing tho. So (as you said) just forget it. :)

Your random thoughts are super awesome. And funny. And entertaining. You should make an entire blog out of a compilation of your random thoughts you've written down (cuz i know you have them) XD

Hopefully we'll get that storm.

Love you sis.