15 August, 2008

The Noble Sisters

Who are those crazies?
I have no idea.

Wow. So a lot has happened in the last day! (Or two?) Kimmi and I recorded our first song and hope to have another out by beginning of next week! The Noble Sisters. (Go download the song! It's called "Falling For a Time Lord.")
(We updated our group channel on YT with a new video as well. SincerelySunshine; go see!)

We would love constructive criticism and feedback of any sort on the song. Leave comments here, on our video or on our MySpace. It's a really big help, seriously.

Maybe you're wondering where we got the idea for our name? Well, Kimmi came up with it and basically, it's simply because Donna Noble is our favourite companion. Haha.

It's really mental because it's been something like 5 days since Alex (Nerimon) posted the introductory "Trock" video that he did and everywhere I look, now, I see explosion of Trock. I was really surprised to see, whilst searching around on fellow Trock band Its A Sonic Screwdriver's MySpace, that Trock is already in the news. WIRED magazine, no less! (Click here for the article.) So that's kind of really big news.

It's kind of a weird feeling having jumped in on the front end (very front end) of what is prolly going to be a new and big internet thing. (Kind of like Wrock.) I have good feelings all around about this and I can't wait to see it grow exponentially.

Fans and musicians alike are all grouping at this lovely forum that Alex and Charlie created so we could all keep in touch, share ideas and be all fan-ish about "Doctor Who" together. There are already so many awesome bands and cool people taking part in this new Trock phenomenon, it's so awesome!

This is going to be such an exciting ride out of summer holiday!