15 October, 2008

Adverts, adverts everywhere.

Obama is clearly trying to get that younger vote. I wonder if it will work. Advertising in video games (such as Obama's billboard in online "Madden") is apparently a very new thing. New as in this is the first time a presidential candidate has done it - ever.

I find it odd. Really odd. Not bad, just odd. Obama must have paid a pretty penny to get the couple billboards in the various games he has. Although only gamers in the 10 swing states are going to see the ad while playing. According to cnn.com, anyway.

It's 20 minutes until class, right now. Ethics is up and every Wednesday night we have a current event quiz. Nothing pertinent is ever on the quiz. Hopefully I'll get lucky and there will be questions about the elk in the middle of town this morning (as seen in The Seattle Times today) and how people wanted to hunt them in the middle of town to lessen the number.

First they scared the elk out of the nearby woods and now they want to hunt them in the middle of town merely to get rid of some of them. Two words about that: "what?!" and "jerks."

This is for Kimmi.
On Det Nye (a Norwegian magazine; translated to English, "The New") today I noticed this advert. It says, "Schnuffel song, to your mobile! Download!" It instantly made me think of her and I laughed and smiled and didn't download the song but did download the advert. How weird am I?

Also, according to Det Nye also today, Woody Allen is the new fashion icon of the season. Jepp, du leste helt riktig.

xx mal


Michael Midnight said...

That's so disappointing about the Elk. Not only have we encroached on their lands but people are shooting at them. Man, Mother Nature must have a good deal of patience.

Rachel said...

woot! You're still posting! I'll have to admit I haven't checked in a while, as I just started posting again. I love that picture of the kitty in the post below :)

Justin said...

We are terrible at updating our blogs. I really need to write more than 2 a week. I would get angry if I saw am Obama ad in my video game. I would vote against him just for that.

zacharyxbinks said...

Super Obama Brothers and McCain the Hedgehog are my fav. games.

I agree that it's a little weird. Not slimy, low brow mudslinging, name calling and fear-mongering that certain candidates have exploited... But weird.

Sofahelten said...

Er du norsk...? :S
Fin blogg, btw ^^