10 October, 2008

hello, kitty!

I love Hello Kitty and Sanrio in general. Pochacco, Chococat and Deery-Lou are my other favoruites. Did you know that Hello Kitty has a pet cat now? Her name is Charmmy Kitty and she's a Persian kitty that was given to Hello Kitty as a gift. This, I find odd.

I adore this time of year.
This photo of the kitty feels like Autumn but it was really taken in Summer. It was a very warm day and me and this kitty made friends quickly. He showed me the neighborhood I was exploring. Kitties make the best tour guides.

List of a few favourite things about fall:
-Oversized sweaters
-The smell
-Leg warmers(/arm warmers)
-Cool breezes

Okay, so a lot of the things I'm loving today are clothing items. It's true, clothes kind of are fun for me.

As far as today goes; I'm excited.
Life is good, God is good and remember; smile, because you can.

I think Mrs. C would be proud of my 80s representation, today.

I'm happy.

1 comment:

Drew C. Rich said...

Yeah, that photo is kinda awesome xD

love ya sis.