20 October, 2008

It's magic, you know.

Autumn is endlessly captivating to me. I love how walking or driving around in Autumn feels like being in bright, colourful fire but never being burned. It's cool and serene. It's magnificent. I don't know if I'll ever fully find the words to describe how magical this season is to me. It captivates me through and through.


I finally activated my new phone the other day. Yes, Matt, that is why the recent onslaught of phone calls! I hope you don't mind. -loveheart-

John and Hank Green are now going to be in Seattle on the 25th (which is a Tuesday) instead of the 28th (which is a Saturday). This is a rather unfortunate fact because I work Tuesday nights. Always. That means no Vlog Brothers, Adam or Matt. (The boys are coming up to see them! ZOMG. I'm jeals.) It's really sad. I was so excited when I heard that not only were John and Hank really going to come to Seattle but that the boys were going to come up as well. Unforeseen circumstances of work and school eluded me of the past (who was planning for this event in early January.) -upside down smiley face-

That photo is from a walk I took the other day, it was gorgeous out. Warm and partially humid. I thought it was going to thunder and lightning that night, but it didn't, much to my digression. As I was walking I met a nice man who worked for a local energy company. He was working on a power line and noticed me taking photographs. He said, "Get any good shots?" I replied, "Yes, thank you! It's a lovely day." And we smiled and I kept walking. That was lovely. I enjoy flitting in and out of random people's lives. Interactions, no matter how brief, with people are my favourite. It's amazing to think how many people there are in this world. As I walked away and he continued to do his work on the power line I wondered what sort of life he must lead and how he got to his job. Did he have a family? He looked maybe 50, with grey hair and a speckled white and grey beard. Where was he from and where was he going? How long had he worked for the energy company? All of this made him who he was and all I know of him is that he works for the energy company while all he knows of me is that I take photographs of what I see. Isn't that interesting? I find people and situations like this fascinating.

It's my mum's birthday, today. I love her so much. I got her a fun present . . . I hope she likes it as much as I think she will. She's such an amazing woman, I admire her endlessly.

Yesterday I went to the symphony with D. It was a baroque opera at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. Phenomenal is the only way I know how to describe it. I love the harpsichord, just as a side note. It was great fun. I got all posh-i-fied in a snazzy new dress and new heels – I even did my hair up in curls! (I never have time to do my hair, it's such a bother, but I did!) Going to church all dolled up was fun. (Partial eye-rolling here.) I got many comments on my outfit, many inquires as to where I was going and even a few eyebrow raises at with whom I was going.

After the symphony we went back to his house where his family (as well as 3 extended family members) were waiting around for us to have dinner. My oh my was it a dinner, too! All the delicious food I cannot recount. (Partially because they have neat-o Greek names and partially because I don't fully remember in general!) There were potatoes, this amazing flaky bready thing; veggie bean stuff that was nomm, nomm, nomm, really good bread and goat cheese. There was chicken, too, but they're okay with the fact that I'm a vegetarian! His mum is so sweet. She didn't stuff me to the brim and only gave me the just-right amount to eat for my smallish tummy. It was lovely of her. (: p.s. she makes AMAZING cheesecake.

A lot of people are under the impression that I don't eat/don't like food – I really do love food! I love making fun dishes and eating all sorts of things. I just generally feel awkward and a burden for my being a vegetarian and am only hungry at all the wrong times! It's horrible.

I'm tired today. Today is a tired day. Justin says I need some "Mallory time," I agree. I'd much rather have it at home than here, laying on a random couch at school, but that's okay. I'll live. (Though I really wanna play with makeup. Kimmi, are you game for makeup playing when I get home?)

Alright, time to quit procrastinating on my silly papers that are due tomorrow. Gosh, who wouldda thunk being a journalism major would include so much writing? ;p/;]

xx mal

p.s. I am growing out my bangs. Just for a season.


Demitri said...

The Symphony was indeed amazing, but even more so because you came with me. Thanks for spending so much time with me. Not only am I honored by you, but blessed by Him for all we can be.

Thank you for all that you are, and being dedicated to all we can be.

I adore you completely.

True Story.

Anna Feyt said...

pretty photo! i love autumn also =)

i always find myself thinking about those random characters i bump into during day-to-day life as well. people are all so complex and interesting- that man you mentioned might be writing the next Great Novel in his spare time, he might be going through a divorce, he might be a secret collector of vintage gumboots. who knows?

you've got a great blog- it's fun, thoughtful and extremely well written & expressed...made of awesome :)

Mallory said...

It's true! Just driving by people in my car sometimes I get caught up in the fact that we are ALL going somewhere, doing SOMEthing and every single car contains a complete and different complicated life. It makes my head spin but I love it.

Thank you so much for your comment, DFTBA. [;

sparklegreen said...

I'm so glad you got to see a Baroque opera, I can't say I've ever been to one! I'm playing a harpsichord suite this year for my graduation recital.

Love your autumn blog, I wrote something like it on mine:
Every year when autumn rolls around in the grass, the trees, and the wind, I remember that I have forgotten what Canadian winters are like. The walk to my university on a cleared path of hard and crunchy white snow, but surrounded by two or three feet of fluffy snow that you can see for miles.
One thing that manages to stay in the books of constancy is the Sun. Where I live, there is always sun, and I never forget what it's like to see it during my lunch break.

When it's winter, it's so easy to imagine summer and spring, yet these two seasons are so seeminly far out of reach that it's almost impossible to think of it feels to not have to where longjohns and you Christmas sweater under your two winter jackets.

Courtney said...

I just posted a blog and then read this and they are slightly similar. At least in the way that we talk about autumn.

Anyway, I miss you and love you.
As always.