28 October, 2008

(Wet) Paper Towns; John and Hank Green are in Seattle today

OMG, I stole Margo's face! (It's only because it's very early and my face isn't good enough, at the moment. Plus, she has better hair. :p)

Long story short: today is that day.
The day where Kimmi, D, Becca and even my crazy not-such-a-huge-fan-of-
YouTubers/Nerdfighters & Vloggers-- brother, are going to meet John and Hank Green. I am so excited for them.

Kimmi is going to get my copy of "Paper Towns" as well as "Looking For Alaska" signed by John for me. She's also even going to take the article I did on EcoGeek last year (along with a note for Hank) to give to him (and maybe even get a copy of the article signed for me.)

In my heart and face I cannot hide nor deny the fact that I am helplessly fangirling. I cannot wait until the guys come back to Seattle (or I get the opportunity to go to them at a different location.)

Adam and a couple of his friends (whom I can't recall who are 'cuz Kimmi told me in a slur) are going to be there, as well. It's going to be epic because tomorrow Kimmi and I are going to hang out with them all in Seattle. I'm excited for that and it somewhat softens the impact tonight will be having on me. I am a little sad, I will be honest.

Just think of all the cameras! Oh, wow! So many Nerdfighters in one place. It's going to be amazing. :D Have fun, guys!

Drastic subject change: I was somewhat stressed out last night so I took a shower and painted my nails deep red. It made me feel a little better. I also vented at my mum and she just let me talk and talk and talk until I noticed she had finally fallen asleep. Awh. n_~

I've been working on my website and even got myself a fancy-smahnchy domain name. Go check it out and let me know what you think if you have a moment or two? www.malarayofsunshine.com Oh, and yes, that most certainly is TROCK playing on my front page. Kimmi doesn't find it half as entertainingly awesome as I do, but we both still know we need to re-record. :p

That is all.
Until next time, DFTBA.
xx mal

p.s. The title today is a reference/joke on to a stereotypical, Stephanie Meyer-esque Seattle day. Just so everyone knows: it's a sunny day today. Oh, and because I really wanted to add something before "Paper Towns" and it was either "rainy" or "wet" to go hand-in-hand with afore mentioned stereotype and "wet" worked better cuz paper can get wet and can't be rainy and paper is a lot less fun when it's wet. Truth.


Michelle said...

Awesome website Mal! It turned out great. I love you for putting that mention of HP in there at the end. :)
I hope your day(s) of Paper Towns are fantastic! Tell everyone hi for me ( My plans to come fell into the black abis that is parental and practical limitations)

Justin said...

Tis very sad that you do not get to see hank john and Adam today. You should have booked the day off work :p.
I've been slowly reading looking for Alaska and I am very impressed. I am more impressed that you and kimmi were able to complete the book due to it's subject matter and the explict language used. Don't be too sad you miss hank and john and DFTBA

Danny said...

You did a really good job on the picture.

I also read that book

Michael Midnight said...

Hey Mallory! I hope you got all your things signed by John and Hank. I heard that there was a huge turn out today at Seattle. John'll be in my area on Thursday and I'm also trying to work my work schedule so I can make it out and see him.

And way to go on your website. Looks pretty slick. So I picked up Paper Towns on Monday and was sad that it didn't have a note. But reading today on my bed, a small piece of paper fell from within the pages. It was a small piece of paper that simply read "DFTBA". It was very zen and it was nice.

Haha, have a great day and DFTBA!

Bitte gib mir nur ein Wort said...

This makes me want to buy and read the book!=]