12 November, 2008

My feet are up on the couch I'm sitting on in the library. They're wet and I feel like a rudey.

Mrs. C apparently thinks I don't eat.
I left my bag at church on Sunday and Lexi took it home for me. This is how it came back. Packed with all of this:

Oh well, what am I gonna do, yanno? I now have a hugenormous stash of snacks in the back of my car for any time I may suffer a fit of hunger while I'm on the road. Fantastic.

This is my sister Kimmi.
She is cute.
That is our kitty Trixie.
She is not so cute.
Kimmi stole my Frappuccino.
I let her.

Work, school and course-work have completely overtaken my life. I have no words to express the amount of time I spend either at work, at school or at home doing course-work. I have no words to express this because I have no time to formulate the words and thus any form of expression. I am also wasting valuable seconds here, now, telling you why I can't express such things when I could be expressing them. Welcome to my life.

Let me section this off. I will take you section by section through the topics I deem important at this very moment and you can come along for the essay-like ride or hop off whenever you choose. I won't (and can't) make you stay any longer than you so desire. Here goes . . .

Last Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending a performance at Key Arena with my dear friend Demitrios and his lovely family. It wasn't just any performance, however; it was the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. omw. They are so fantastic. I have heard some of their music throughout my life. On the radio, in random places, but never in person. It is so different in person. They have lights and all these crazy things going on in the middle of their shows! It adds a completely mentally awesome dimension to the music they perform.

John and Hank Green were in Seattle two weeks ago. I didn't get to see them because I had to work. I thought Kimmi wasn't going to get to either (because I'm a jerk and had to work) but D took Becca, Greg and Kimmi and they all had a blast. Kimmi got my article about ecogeek signed by Hank for me as well as "Alaska," "Paper Towns" and "Katherines" (which D bought for me there) signed by John. I felt like I was there, even if I wasn't. While I was at work that day I had the pleasant surprise of Adam, Nickita (can't spell, sorry!) and Jacob dropping in on their way through to see the Greens. I gave Adam a business card and told him they came at thr wrong time because we are* the smallest Apple store in existance and we were* moving in 2 weeks and he should come back then. (*are and were are, in this present moment, meant to be reversed since when he visited we were going to move and as of Monday we are moving. More coming about that next.)

"Next": We are currently (and finally) moving the Apple store. Moving out of the mini-store and into a bigger one, across the hall. HECK YES. (If you live in the area I expect to see you front-and-center on Saturday, November 15 at 10 a.m. for our opening. I'm serious. No jokes. Be there.) Basically we're all super-stoked. It's super incredible. Come visit. It is going to be so jokes.

In week two (about) of me working at Apple I sold an iPod to David Ross. That was nifty and one of my coolest Apple moments thus far. Just randomly felt like sharing since my journal is hecka out of date. :p

I need to go eat food.
(Back! I ate with Lex, for once. Hallelujah!)

I can't really think of anything else I want to say horribly much. I have two papers I need to write, now. Five pages for one and I need to add five pages to the other. One by 4 p.m. today and the other by tomorrow. Oh, the joys of being in college. Registration for the next two semesters is coming up on Friday. I have to take a J-Term class. Basically what J-Term is, is January. That means three months of classes crammed into one. Essentially the classes are held every day (depenhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifding) and have a running time of anywhere from 3-4 hours. It's going to be lamezors.

I'm addicted to these songs, at the moment: "Come On Get Higher" by Nate Nathanson, "Alice" by Pogo and "Still Alive" from Portal. (HA! No, I don't know anything about the game.)

I guess that is life!
I'll write more soon. Sorry for the recent neglect.

xxx mal

p.s. I'm almost done writing in this blog. Soon I'll be moving all the way over to www.malarayofsunshine.com , YEY!

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Courtney said...

Cracking up about the bag of food from the Cushing's. Hilarious.
I'd be willing to take some of that off your hands, if you'd like :P