29 November, 2008

Happy (almost) Christmas!

It smells lovely in our house, now because we got a Christmas tree. I love this time of year.

I just finished off my Christmas shopping. Okay so I haven't completely finished, but I'm so close! Just a couple more people and I'm done. Everything else is either sitting in my room or will be en route on Monday. I'm excited and happy to give everyone things I think and hope they will thoroughly enjoy. I do so love to spoil the ones I love. <3 br="br">
Do you want to know a secret? (Here's hoping my mum doesn't read my blog, anymore.) My siblings and I have almost surely decided on getting her a shiny, new MacBook for Christmas. With my discount and each of us chipping in we should be able to pull it off. She's wanted a laptop for so very long . . . I think it will be the coolest and most exciting Christmas present of all if we can make it happen.

I'm older, now, and would like to thank each and every one of you who helped make my birthday so incredibly awesome. Kimmi, I am so blessed to have a sister like you who is just crazy enough to "do YouTube" with me as well as make me such a special birthday video! Thank you ALL who were in it or had the intention of being in it. I smiled and laughed so much. I am so very blessed to have friends like the lot of you. THANK YOU! Oh, and Peej? Thank you for that special birthday video. It made my day. :]

Kimmi is away in the mountains with Molly and the gang since Thanksgiving. I'm super happy she could go, it's always so much fun! No snow this year, though.

Harriet needs to go in to get her CD drive fixed up. It's all wonky and spins CDs hardcore excess before it actually reads them. MENTAL. Poor Harriet. :[

Tonight we're going to do up the tree in lights. Mum will be home at around 8, so that's when we'll do that. I'm so excited for Christmas. Have I mentioned that I'm excited for Christmas? It's true. Wrapping paper, ahoy!

xx mal


Inpursuitofcolson1 said...

you should have your mother make youtube videos so you have a whole family of youtubers lol =]

Mallory said...

The hilarious part about that, Colson, is that she HAS a YouTube account and WANTS to make videos. XD

Michael Midnight said...

Wow that's awesome. Forget about Five Awesome something or other, talk about OneAwesomeFamily!