04 December, 2008

"Santa, baby . . ."

My only concern at the moment is the Genii seeing Harriet's very, very filthy screen. It's one thing for family, friends, classmates and even professors to see a dirty laptop screen . . . but the Genii? They'll think I don't love her! It's the worst possible fate. (LULZ, I crack myself up.)

Hello, hello, hello.
I lied, I'm sorry. That last blog was most certainly NOT my last blog on this un-personalized site. But, what are ya gonna do, right?

At the moment I'm listening to a lovely rendition of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" as it fills up the mall's hallways and darts between the busy holiday shoppers as they rustle their bags and their conversations jumble together.

The mall is a strange place this time of year. All the pretty decorations are up, everywhere,though. So that's exiting!

Y'all might wonder what I'm doing just "blah-ing" around at the mall. Well, I've brought Harriet to the doctor, finally! I'm going to get her looked at by a Genius and hopefully (since her CD drive is bad) get her all fixed up. :] Random factoid: whilst checking on when my APP expires I discovered her real and actual birthday! Sept. 17, 2007. She's only a year old! :O

The only trouble with the mall's wi-fi is that it randomly disconnects. (Even though I'm leeching the Apple Store wi-fi.) It's a bugger. lulz.

I don't have a ton to say other than I recently had the opportunity of interviewing a very influential and pretty incredible professor at school who also happens to have had an influential and incredible life. I've written an article about him (which has since been pushed to February's issue) and I'll most likely let you all read it when it's polished and shining brilliantly.

More later,
xxx mal

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