19 November, 2008

Running: ouch, it hurts!

I ran on Tuesday for the first time in for ages. I walked half a block and jog/ran the other half. A dog followed me for a bit, but I told him off and he went to wander home. I warmed up before and cooled down afterward but ouch, now I'm achy.

That same day my sisters and I went out for a girl's day at the mall! I bought them new dresses (for the Vision Banquet) and some other frivolous things that made all of our hearts happy. Shopping with me is so much fun. I also took them by the new (and HUGE) Apple store. I finally broke down and bought a 1TB hard drive (hopefully the right one, as it was suggested by Mr. Video-man Ryan) and everyone knew we were sisters because apparently we look "a lot alike."

I think whatever has been taunting me for the past few weeks has caught up with me and I think it's partly because I let my body get all worn out with that run. It's like a blaring neon sign, "I'm down, come get me!" and I think it has. Unfortunate, but oh well. It'll go away soon, I don't have time to be sick so I'm pretending it's not real and I'm sure it will go away. 99% of any sickness is mental, you know. (That's not the real statistic, but it's something huge like that. Basically, almost all of any sickness is in your head.)

The new Apple store is phenomenal and it feels like we've been in there forever, now, but everything is also so new! I love it so much. The day we opened the doors (which are awesomely computer-high-techish) on Saturday, I ran into Kristina at H&M on break. That was tons of fun. It was good to see her again. She stopped by the store to say hello to me but I was still not back yet, so I missed her. But it was cool that she got to see the store and meet D. (D knew who she was but didn't let on. He is hilarity.)

Summer is coming up and so is the next NW YouTube gathering. (I'm bringing D, this year.) It's going to be so incredible! The number of people who are saying they're going to be there is so epic. I'm stoked.

Speaking of summer, I have some good news and some bad news regarding the next two semesters of school. In January (J-Term) I will be taking an 8-10.50 a.m. class every day of the week for the whole month. It's going to be crazy and I am seriously (and almost surely) going to be moving in with Lexi for that month. (Aren't they sweet to even allow me to?!) Then come spring semester, things are going to get ugly. I will have so much school! I discovered the other day, while attempting to plan an availability sheet for work for spring, that I signed up for all 01-(first semester) classes. Oh noes! The reason this is good is that I will be done by May 15, which is almost two months earlier than everyone else and I'll be able to work a whole lot more (again) starting sooner than I originally thought. The reason this is bad is that I am taking six classes, all 01-semester classes. That means that seventeen course hours are going to be crammed into a much, much shorter time period and that the work load is going to be much, much greater than I originally thought. (And I originally thought that it was going to be massively heavy. I was right. Now just multiply that times 2.5, at least.) I will make it through, never-the-less. Just know that if you don't see me EVER (not that you do now) then you will see me even less than never. Poo on toast.

God has hugenormously blessed me in my young life. Lexi and I had an good little talk today about our lifetime and all the things that God is starting to do. We were talking about how we really and honestly feel like things are starting to wrap up and that things probably will within our lifetimes. It makes me so excited. I absolutely love talking to her about things like that. God is so good to His people to allow them to carry out His massive (and awesome) plans on this earth. I am so honored and proud to call myself a child and servant of God. He has got some mind-boggling things planned, let me tell you. I cannot WAIT to be a part of them and continue to help make His name famous in all the earth. :D

xxx mal

LOLcats make me smile. I'm so glad I have the widget. If I ever have a bad day or just need a little giggle it's just pop up the good ol' F12 (yes, I haz Tiger, for all you Mac nerds like me) and there is a smiling, ridiculous LOLcat to provide it. <3

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Inpursuitofcolson1 said...

lol you and your sisters do actually look very much alike. take away the hair and kimmi and beccah look like mini mals. lol